Tropika Mums and Little Ones

Tropika UK have launched two distinct ranges for Mums and little ones; Mums Spa and Little Spa. The brand is new to the UK, offering Mums and little ones skincare made with virgin coconut oil and plant-based extracts.  What makes it that little bit different is that all its’ skincare is inspired by traditional Malaysian beauty recipes that have been handed down the generations, and also centuries old rituals such as the ‘jamu massage’ which is still embraced by Malay women today.  The jamu massage is focused on caring ante and post-natal rituals that protect, nurture and repair Mums’ skin, and works to restore well-being.

The Mums Spa range has three products including Tropika Mums Spa Massage Oil (100% natural), Tropika Mums Spa Massage Cream for more targeted relief and an aid for morning sickness and Tropika Mums Spa Tummy Butter.

The Little Spa offers Tropika Little Spa Massage Oil with either rose of lavender (brilliant for treating cradle crap and colic) and Tropika Little Spa Herbal Cream,  a natural chest rub.