Meet Tiffany London – founder of British brand Tiffany Rose

Today we meet Tiffany London, founder of award-winning British maternitywear brand Tiffany Rose.

Tiffany London, founder of Tiffany Rose


Tiffany – why did you launch Tiffany Rose?

In 2003 I was looking for an idea for a new business. Little did I know that inspiration would come so close to home. My sister was frantically searching for a beautiful outfit for a wedding during her pregnancy and, having trawled the internet, we found absolutely nothing that suited her glamorous style. I believed that there was an opportunity to make an impact in maternity wear.

What was your background?

Having worked for world renowned interior designer Nina Campbell, I was passionate about design. My love of beautiful fabrics and classic elegance seemed to pull together around the idea of creating exquisite, wearable fashion for pregnant women with a sense of occasion.

While still working full time I started to design maternity wear from my apartment
in South London. From this organic start, I was soon able to launch my maternity wear label, Tiffany Rose. Coming from a family that had been instrumental in establishing British fashion with Louis London & Sons in 1859, it was natural that I turned to British manufacturing techniques and traditional seamstresses. Fifteen years later, I’m still just as passionate about providing women worldwide with the most glamorous designer maternity wear.

What success have you had?

From humble beginnings, literally a kitchen table in South London, Tiffany Rose maternity dresses and maternity bridal wear are now sold in over 100 boutiques across the world and online including USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Today’s collection ranges from beautifully tailored jersey day wear to intricate lace maternity dresses, silk evening gowns and a fabulous selection of maternity bridal wear – all lovingly designed and made in Britain.


What’s your inspiration?

We are as passionate about the materials we hand-pick as we are about our designs. For us, comfort, flattery and self-confidence are so important during pregnancy. That’s why so many of our designs centre around the softest stretch lace and exquisitely comfortable premium jersey. These are a few of the favourite materials we select time and again to create each beautiful Tiffany Rose maternity gown.
Our careful study of form, flow and drape has seen women all over the world enjoy our designs. From every-day women like us to celebrities and Royals looking for the dream outfit. Whoever you are, it’s our promise to create maternity fashion that will make sure you look and feel fabulous all the way through pregnancy and beyond.

Where are you based and what’s the design process?

From our lovely design studio in Surrey, the small, dedicated Tiffany Rose team have become experts on dressing pregnant women in the most glamorous and flattering way over the past 15 years. Every element of our designs from the initial hand sketched ideas to pattern-cutting, sampling and fitting takes
place here to retain bespoke craftsmanship. We understand a woman’s body and her changing shape during pregnancy. That’s why our customers can order their pre-pregnancy size and know that its soft,
curve-loving fit will work beautifully for them across every trimester. After our in-house design stage, we move on to work exclusively with six talented garment specialists, each with a unique set of skills and experience in different fabrics. They have proven their worth over many years to become our
trusted partners creating exquisite garments with care, skill and precision.


Tell us about your British design credentials?

We’re fearsomely proud of our British heritage. We care passionately that all design and production happens here in the United Kingdom. We always choose to work with the most reputable manufacturing partners who employ some of the UK’s most skilled and experienced fine garment craftspeople, in the industrial heartlands of our country

Our passion for creating and developing new business in Britain comes from a genuine desire to bring you authenticity and heritage, but most importantly to play a part in restoring something wonderful and valuable. Our insistence on keeping our production on British soil helps preserve our most precious home-grown talents and we aim to keep it that way.


Tell us about your latest venture?

Our customers are incredibly elegant, self-confident and ageless in their style. Tiffany could see how much they loved their beautiful pregnancy designs, enjoyed having fun with colour and wanted to wear polished and stylish pieces for all of life’s special occasions. So, in 2015, Alie Street was born, named after the East London street where Tiffany’s great-great grandfather founded the fashion label, Louis London & Sons. To this day, every exclusive Alie Street bridal gown and evening dress is sketched,
designed and made in Britain, celebrating a family tradition of quality and excellence in design, production and fabric innovation.