Post-partum recovery underwear

Incontinence is an issue that affects millions of mothers worldwide, and yet the current products on the market aren’t catering for their needs. Unsightly pants and uncomfortable pads simply aren’t what young, active women want to wear. BP3 is here with a solution. 

BP3 underwear offers unparalleled protection against incontinence related accidents and period leaks, so mums can spend the day playing – not pausing. The seamless design flatters shape and means VPL is a thing of the past. Completely washable, BP3s are also a sustainable alternative to other sanitary products which put a strain on our already struggling environment. 

Exercise is a key component of post-partum recovery and can help strengthen your pelvic floor after giving birth. However many women shy away from getting the support and advice they need, due to anxiety surrounding their condition. The perfect addition to your gym kit, BP3 has been specially created to give women confidence and comfort, empowering them to get back into fitness, reclaim control of their bodies and work towards an incontinence free life. 


  • Over half the female population will experience incontinence at some point in their lives 
  • Only 1 in 5 women seek support for their incontinence issues 
  • Traditional sanitary products cause over 200,000 tonnes of waste each year

“I created BP3 based on my experience with incontinence after having children, so I understand what other mothers want and need. We need an extra absorbent gusset, we want to make eco-friendly choices and we don’t want a visible panty line ruining the look of our gym leggings.  We might not be able to control our bladders sometimes but we want to still look and feel great.”

“I want women to feel confident when they wear their BP3s!  I want them to put the knickers on and feel safe and secure knowing any leaks will be dealt with, thanks to the 4 layers of gusset. I honestly love my knickers so much, the security and comfort they provide are so empowering.”