Nudea- a Fit-Focused Lingerie Rebellion

Nudeais a new fit-centric intimates brand offering expertly crafted, comfortable lingerie that fits without compromising on a feminine aesthetic. ‘Nudea’, meaning new goddess, is fuelled by an obsession with fit and inclusivity and embraces the cultural shift away from overtly sexy lingerie to a more modern, body-positive attitude. Appealing to modern-minded women, Nudea offers a wide size range, neutral, contemporary colour palettes and hero styles designed and created for real women with real bodies.

Nudea has conducted extensive research of over 600 British women in a poneering size and fit research and development process. Highlights of this in-depth research reveal:

  • Two-thirds of women reported having had a body change (weight loss or gain, pregnancy or surgery) in the previous 6 months, yet less than 20% had been measured for a bra in the past year despite these changes having a direct effect on their bra size.
  • Almost 50% of women surveyed hadn’t been measured for a bra for over 5 years.
  • Only 8% of women claimed to have no issue with their bra, which means that 92% see room for improvement.
  • Only 10% of women measured themselves to the correct size vs. a professional bra fitter. 11% were just one size out but a massive 79% of women were wearing both the wrong band and cup size.
  • Nudea’s research workshops also revealed that younger shoppers want more modern choices for getting fitted, finding the idea of stripping down in front of a Bra Fitter in a department store old-fashioned and unappealing.
  • The UK average bra size is 36DD; Nudea’s research sample found 34DD was the most popular size and the 34 and 36 the most popular band sizes.


Nudea CEO and Co-Founder, Priya Downes, comments: “We’re obsessed with fit. For the past two years, we have researched more than 600 amazing women to understand the biggest issues they face when getting fitted, choosing and purchasing a bra. Using this data, we have dissected, re-engineered, fit-tested and wear-tested the 20+ components that make up even the most basic of bras, all with fit and comfort in mind.

We want women to find their fit, no matter their shape or size. By giving women the tools to achieve comfort and style via an online fit quiz, fit parties and Nudea’s bespoke tape measure, women needn’t dread the stuffy, poorly lit fitting room experience any longer.


Nudea Creative Director and Co-Founder, Sophie Morgenthaler, adds:Nudea’s mission is simple: to create beautifully crafted, functional underwear that not only fits and looks better, but can be worn throughout the day without compromising on comfort. We really are rebelling against badly fitted lingerie. By marrying the best new high-performance technology fabrics, lightweight hardware and bonding techniques with a design-led aesthetic, we are delivering smooth, invisible and lightweight finishes across Nudea’s debut collections.”