NOOD Nipple Covers – Changing The Breastfeeding Game

Breastfeeding mothers across the globe have often struggled with traditional nipple covers. Often, they show through clothes, bunch up and cause leaking which no one wants, NOOD have come up with the solution.

The No-Show Reusable Nipple Covers have been a hit with women and mothers alike. No-Show’s are breastfeeding friendly, and double up as reusable nursing pads that create a leak proof barrier against your skin. 

These handy nipple covers are produced using SkinFinish matte silicone and provide the smoothest, most seamless coverage. They contain no plastic and therefore are free of any harmful petrochemicals – NOOD are the brand changing the breastfeeding game.

The nipple covers adhere directly to the skin creating a waterproof barrier which prevents any leakage, keeping you and your clothes dry.

Not only are No-Show’s silicone nipple covers ultra-thin and lightweight, they mould to the breast’s natural curves so they stay completely invisible with your skin (no second nipple!). No-Show’s are made from a single layer of hypoallergenic, ergonomically shaped medical grade silicone that’s incredibly long-lasting — the average customer gets 6 months of wear out of them – some over a year!

The NOOD No-Show Reusable Nipple Covers are available from for £24.00.