A new natural skincare range launched today gives busy mums and pregnant women the opportunity to pamper themselves – all in under 60 seconds. 

The range, introduced by leading British parenting brand Mum & You, features five essential products to help time-strapped mums care for their skin and feel more confident, including a face mask that works in just one minute and an easy-to-apply stretch mark fighting gel.

Dermatologically tested, each product in the range is made by mums, for mums using a blend of carefully selected natural ingredients that work quickly to give a little ‘lift’ when it’s needed most. The range is midwife approved, gentle on sensitive skin, and safe to use both during and after pregnancy.

Dr. Laura Lenihan, a GP specialising in women’s health, skincare and dermatology, said: “We experience a very different set of skincare issues during pregnancy and after the birth of our baby. As our bodies change, we may get stretch marks or have water retention, or even simply find that we don’t have as much time for a regular skincare routine after our baby is born. Having time to soak in the bath or put on a face mask can be a total luxury.

“The new range from Mum & You is perfect to support mums with their self-care. The effective, natural skincare products will help them feel more like themselves again, which is such an important part of motherhood.”

Rajiv Chandra, Founder of Mum & You and father to two children, said: “Becoming a parent is an incredible experience, but dedicating time to a newborn, paired with such a big change in lifestyle, means they can often forget to spend time on themselves.

“Mum & You started from a collection of mums and dads who wanted to create amazing products to support children. Part of being a great parent is taking time out for yourself, so to support children, we need to support mums too. The new skincare range is designed so all expectant women and new mums can feel amazing, even when time is limited.”

The Mum & You skincare range ‘For Mum’ includes five key products. In addition to being kind to skin, each product is environmentally friendly, cruelty free and uses recyclable packaging.

Easy Tiger Stretch Mark Fighter Gel

Easy Tiger is an oil-based gel made with natural ingredients like Grapeseed Oil and Kahal Oil that are effective against stretch marks. Its gel texture is really easy to apply and goes a long way.

Just a Minute 60 Second Face Mask

Beauty routines become impossible when caring or prepping for a baby. Just a Minute is a one-minute face mask made with Bentonite Clay and Daikon Radish for cleansing and improving glow in all skin types.

Can Can Walker Retention Milk

This water milk is easy to use and refreshing. Can Can contains active ingredients, like Green Coffee Extract and Cucumber Extract, to help soothing and cooling heavy legs and ankles during pregnancy.    

Hands Off Nipple Saviour Spray

When breastfeeding, it can even be painful to apply nipple cream. Hands Off is a no-touch solution nipple spray made with Aloe Vera and Wheatgerm Oil to help relieve and restore sensitive nipples.