NEW Bebies – baby sleep aid toy

Bebies is a new sleep aid – cleverly disguised as an adorable plush toy – which is designed to send little ones off to sleep calmly and easily thanks to its unique soothing sound system. 

The idea came to founder Danielle Ekert when she gave birth to her baby boy William. After spending countless hours trying to ‘Shhh’ him to sleep, she quickly realised he would only settle when hearing her voice. She trawled the internet trying to find something which could replicate her voice and was surprised to find that nothing similar existed. So, when the first lockdown hit and Danielle was made redundant from her job, it was the perfect time for her to set about researching the concept and launching the business. ‘Bebe’ was William’s favourite word, so Danielle named the business Bebies.  

Bebies clever sound system allows parents to record settling words, sounds or songs in their own reassuring voice, so babies can be quickly soothed by the comforting sounds of their parent and drift off to sleep.  The system also offers a choice of the Bebies lullaby, or white noise, which have been proven to have a calming effect and aid a peaceful sleep.  The built-in sensor is activated as soon as the baby wakes or stirs, and Bebies starts to work.  There are three volume settings and the recording can be set for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  

The super soft toys are available in a choice of four animal friends: Milo the Monkey, Dusty the Donkey, Hettie the Hippo and Felix the Fox. Designed to be an all-in-one sleep toy, they can be loved, played with and used as a comforter, so are perfect for parents on the go who no longer need to grab a handful of toys whenever they leave the home.

The toys are machine washable and feature robust straps which can be attached to a car seat, push chair as well as a cot for safe sleeping. There’s a dummy holder and even a glow in the dark tag to help parents easily locate the toy.

Bebies retail at £34.99 each and the toys can be personalised for an additional £4.99, making it a great gift and keepsake. For more information, visit