Natalie Smith, Mothers Love Fashion

1.When did you start your brand?

2015, while I was on maternity leave after having my daughter 

2. Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by anyone (especially parents) who are taking risks, juggling life, business, jobs, homes, and making things work for their families the best they possibly can.  Being a grown up is hard work – but seeing how others go for it inspires me to do the same! 

3.What’s your top business tip?

Take your time to get things right.  I’m launching my business gradually and learning as I go, but I am glad I haven’t rushed into it and made any big mistakes (yet!)

4. Where’s your favourite place?

Greenwich Park  

5.What would be your ideal weekend?

A weekend with my husband and daughter, somewhere by the water or sea, relaxing, playing, eating good food and drinking wine