Mumberry new activewear

New maternity activewear brand Mumberry has launched a range that a maternity activewear range with a built-in (patent pending) belly support band (Mumband) to help pregnant women do more during pregnancy by providing gentle compression and upward lift.

Randi Thiebaud commented:

“You’re pregnant but determined to not let that slow you down. Girl, consider Mumberry your best friend. We provide you with apparel, accessories, and inspiration for your active lifestyle. By focusing on performance, comfort, and style, Mumberry is sure to replace those over-sized sweatpants. 

We believe that activewear should do more than just cover your bump. Our clothes use the highest quality technical fabrics with moisture-wicking capabilities, four-way stretch, chafe-resistant seams, and the patent pending Mumband support design.”

The Mumband will also grow with you, so it can be worn throughout all stages of pregnancy. This makes it possible for women to do more during pregnancy – whether at the gym or just getting through their busy day-to-day routine. This new apparel technology also helps to ease back pain and round ligament pain.