Mother Rose – before, during and after pregnancy

Mother Rose is a new maternity brand that focuses on longevity –  each piece can be worn before, during and after pregnancy as they are designed to adapt as the body changes.


The collection was inspired by classic tailoring and iconic design, ensuring each piece delivers and flattering fit that transforms with the body. From pregnancy to breastfeeding, innovative features provide support, access and comfort.


Tops feature straps and back panels that can be altered to grow as the body does, draped extra fabric to allow for discreet and comfortable breast feeding, pleating and stylist tuxedo pants which allow for growth of legs and knees with just the undoing of a tie.

This forward-thinking brand was created and designed by Lauren Manville who has a passion for problem solving through functional yet stylish fashion. With a background in therapy and working with stroke patients in a London hospital, which evolved into styling women with low confidence, Lauren draws on her background experience to create confidence inspiring clothing for women.

While styling and meeting new women Lauren became more aware of the insecurities different women have – including those who are pregnant and in the post-partum stage of pregnancy. She noticed a lot of brands did not cater for her friends who had just given birth and needed a confidence boost or were breastfeeding and couldn’t find brands who’d adapted their clothing to accommodate for this.