Molly Ades, Molly Ades Maternity

1.When did you start your brand? 2012 – after my second son, Andrew was born.

2. Who inspires you? Mom Entrepreneurs. Women who are inspired through motherhood to create something they feel will help other moms. 

3.What’s your top business tip? Follow your intuition – that’s a life tip too!

4. Where’s your favourite place? My bedroom. It’s relaxing and filled with things that evoke all 5 senses, like books, essential oils, artwork, pillows and blankets, candles, and music.

5.What would be your ideal weekend? Hmmm. I guess that depends who I am with. If I were alone, I’d definitely want to be somewhere tropical, or with a tropical feel, like a beach or spa. I’d like to spend a quiet day reading or shopping and then getting dressed up for an evening out.