Molke: contain your boobs not your joy

Entrepreneur and founder, Kirsty Lunn and her business partner Ros, are both passionate about providing their customers with the highest quality bras, briefs and bikinis, amongst other products, all of which promote body confidence, support and above all, comfort. The Molke team offers everyone a bespoke fitting service, to ensure the very best fit, with a wide range of bras of cup sizes A-M, Whilst briefs and bikinis allow for varying degrees of coverage and style.

Based in Perthshire, Scotland, Kirsty bought her first sewing machine over a decade ago and hasn’t looked back since. She began her path to creating the Molke brand, by designing and producing her own nappies for her first child. This then developed over the years into a fully fledged business, creating fun and colourful custom cloth nappies. When Kirsty had her second child, she became  fed up with ugly, dull and uncomfortable nursing bras. Passionate about pattern, design, and above all, bright colours, Kirsty then set about creating bras which seamlessly fit all shapes and sizes, covering and contouring every curve…this was the start of Molke in 2016, which has exponentially grown into a nationwide brand, loved by people up and down the country, with a vast and loyal customer base. 

Speaking about Molke, Kirsty says “my main aim in life is to make Boobs Happy! I am dedicated to promoting body confidence and I believe I contribute to this by providing my fabulous customers bums, boobs and bodies with comfy, supportive and above all colourful underwear. I believe good underwear can have a positive effect on how you feel about yourself!”

Since 2016, Molke has expanded and now employs a team of 21 highly experienced staff members, who are committed to the production and manufacture of the highest quality, ethically sourced underwear, with a real emphasis on personal service and care for each and every order. Kirsty has a strong belief in creating a fair and equal workplace environment and one that is socially responsible for their mark on the planet. Kirsty strives to reduce surplus waste wherever possible and she is passionate about slow fashion and sustainable growth.

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