Midwife Launches Maternal Happiness Community to Support Anxious Mothers

Mothermind, an online community for stressed women to transform chaos into contentment, has been launched by Darcey Croft during the covid pandemic to increase in maternal happiness amid the damaging stresses of 2020.

Darcey is a specialist midwife, expert in maternal mental health and subconscious self transformation. She created Mothermind after noticing the lack of resources available for women struggling with anxiety and poor mental health.

Her professional understanding of risk, to birth outcome and babies development compelled her to act on pleas from her clients for a safe, friendly space to turn to.

Darcey says, ‘contented, happy mothers are instrumental to a healthy society and the key to transforming the future. It is in everyone’s interest to protect all mothers because, they are the true frontline of all our futures.

The Mothermind, uses brain science, transformational psychology and ancient wisdom. Guiding members to discover and maintain a peaceful state of mind and connect with new friends.

Mothermind recommends anyone suffering with anxiety, frustration or overwhelm, the first step is to start talking about it, there are a lot of us who care and understand what mothers are going through. No mother should feel alone with her fears.