Meet Nicole Eissele, founder of The Singing Ant

When did you start your business?

The Singing Ant play mats first came on the German market in September 2019. But, we were busy with product development for almost a year and a half before that.  

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by Joanna Gaines– founder of Magnolia, and was stared in HGTV’s Fixer Upper with her husband– she has an effortless, classiness that can be seen in her design and her love for her family. She always believed in her path and speaks very genuinely about the first days. She never seems to loose her humility throughout the growth of their business and her personal brand.  

What’s your top business tip for getting through the pandemic?

Try to stay connected with your customers through inspiring, positive content. Our best conversations with our community were about fun activities for our little ones, ways to spend time as a family, and self care for moms.  

How is your business adapting to change?

We are still confronted with the dynamics of the Pandemic daily. Our biggest realization is that customer care is our number one priority during these times of uncertainty. 

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic?

Our extended family is internationally based both in Germany and the United States. I am looking forward to when travel restrictions are reduced and have less overall risk so that we can finally meet and celebrate together again.