Meet Katie Windridge – Matchstick Monkey

This month we were delighted to speak to Katie Windridge, founder of teething and nursery brand, Matchstick Monkey.



Tell me a little bit of your background and what gave you the idea to start your brand

I have always loved design and creating products. The idea came about as my daughter Minnie had such bad teething pain. I was up all night and things were really tricky. I wanted to help by putting gels and granules onto her gums but as her front teeth came through at 3 months I found it hard to apply medication to her side / back gums without getting a nasty bite! I couldn’t find anything on the market to appropriately apply the medication. At the time Minnie used to carry a toy monkey everywhere, so I came up with the idea of a monkey teething toy incorporating bumps on the back of the head to reach those back gums. I then did nothing about it! A year after Minnie’s sister Coco was born and I was having the same problem again, so decided I was going to do something about it. When Coco was 6 months old we created the first drawing of Matchstick Monkey.

What challenges did you face?
There have been many hurdles along the way. The main one for me has been juggling time between running the business & being a full time mum. Both of which need a huge amount of work!


What motivates you now?

I love product design and get great satisfaction when a product that you think of comes to life. It’s so rewarding when people tell you how much you have helped them. I have such a passion for the brand and love developing new concepts, which I hope will help mums, dads and their little ones and make life a little easier.


What are your best selling products and why should retailers consider stocking them?

The Original Matchstick Monkey teether is our Hero product and best seller. We receive daily feedback from families on how it has helped their little one get though their teething pain, due to it’s unique design allowing you to apply medication straight to the source of the pain. Lots of our products have had such a positive response from retailers, as they not only really work and are popular with consumers, they look great on their shelves too!

Any sneak previews of new launches or plans?

We have recently added fabrics to the collection with teething labels for all the parents with babies who chew their muslin labels off! And when it comes to new product in development… it’s actually very exciting at the moment as we’re working on bringing out a Matchstick Monkey book – so keep an eye out for that in the future. We’re also adding some more unique products to the range, so there’s a lot more to come from Matchstick Monkey!