Meet Kate Holbrook from Turtle Doves

kateholbrookturtledoves3Booties 1800 x 600

Delighted to meet Kate Holbrook of Turtle Doves, the world’s only luxury cashmere brand that makes all its products from recycling 100% cashmere waste. Their garments and accessories including baby blankets and booties are handmade in-house in the UK using recycled post-consumer cashmere knitwear.

turtledoves1057 blue and cream

Shortly launching their first homeware collection, made from cashmere and recycled Welsh tapestry blankets. Kate first developed the unique production process in 2009 and she now runs the business with husband, Graham. They have always sourced the cashmere sustainably, starting simply by buying damaged jumpers from charity shops and now working with textile waste merchants. They have been working on a re-use system for the smallest scraps of cashmere for some time and are are now a zero-waste business.  All  waste raw material, no matter how small, goes back into making new products.


Sales have doubled every year since the business started on the kitchen table in 2009. Now stocked in over 170 shops in Britain and abroad, and she says they have made scarves and wraps for celebrities such as Carey Mulligan, Dame Judi Dench, Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike and Naomie Harris. Last year, they won the Green Apple award for Environmental Best Practice at the Houses of Parliament.