Meet Emily Sutter, founder of Nibbling


Sony UPX

1.When did you start your brand?

Started working on Nibbling in 2014 and registered the business the day I got pregnant with my third baby. Not the best business timing.


2.Who inspires you?

Charlotte Olympia who I used to see taking her baby to the Baby Spa in Kensington when I was taking mine. Emilia Wickstead who is a super driven and hardworking businesswomen and mum. We also have children the same age. 


3.What’s your top business tip?

Love what you do. Ask your friends for their opinions. Their opinions are free and they have your best interest at heart.


4.Where’s your favourite place?

I’m still looking for it but I really like Ibiza as it has great beaches for kids and fun atmosphere for adults. I also love Ibiza style. 

5.What would be your ideal weekend?

Going to stay at The Pig in the New Forest with a few other families with children the same age as ours. They have extremely comfortable family rooms, they have a huge garden to run around in, kids can feed the pigs and Paulton’s Park aka Peppa Pig world is only 30 minutes away if you want to thrill everyone.