Meet Desriee from Little Omo

This week we were delighted to meet Desriee from Little Omo. Desriee has started her own product range producing flash cards, and is passionate about diversity in the education space throughout the early years of a child’s life. She is a first time mother, who gave birth to her son in January 2020. She recognised the lack of representation of all children in early learning education and decided to set herself a challenge of making a bold change.

Her mission is to begin to cultivate an inclusive environment where children can learn and see themselves reflected throughout their entire childhood journey. She is passionate about sustainability and creating products that will not damage the environment. Our shipping boxes are all 100% recyclable, wrapped with brown biodegradable tissue paper – all products and packaging are made in the UK.

1. I started working on Little Omo, a month after I gave birth to my son in January 2020 and launched this September.

2. My son Isaiah is my inspiration and motivation when it comes to business and succeeding in life.

3. It’s important to look and find the advantage within the pandemic, which is that everyone is at home. You have to think what people will be doing while they are home and that’s being on social media platforms and the internet.

I would advise to make your social media platforms and website as exciting as possible and connecting with your customers and followers.

4. I started this business during the pandemic so I haven’t seen much change yet. I think this would most probably when COVID has finally gone then I would be able to see the changes within the business.

5. I am looking forward to creating workshops for children to interact with each other and having our products there too.