Meet Christopher Money, Kit & Kin

Christopher Money, co-founder of Kit & Kin

When did you start your business?

I’ve been in the mother and baby space for 18 years now but I first started working on Kit & Kin in late 2015 and finally launched in March 2017. 

Who inspires you? 

Sir David Attenborough is an incredible human and one of the core reasons we as a company support the World Land Trust and their Buy an Acre programme – Sir David is a patron of WLT. Every Kit & Kin product sold helps protect precious rainforest, a vital ecosystem that provides clean air and lifesaving medicines. 

What’s your top business tip for getting through the pandemic?

An omnichannel approach. When retail fell away we were thankfully in a position to sell direct and consumers took advantage of our convenient subscription model.  

How is your business adapting to change?

We’re incredibly fortunate to be an essential product during this time. That said the supply chain has been a struggle for many companies and we are no different. Where possible we’ve brought production even closer to home, including our nappies that are now manufactured in a carbon-neutral factory. 

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic?

Meeting the team off camera and having a meal out!