Maternal health expert on Katy Perry’s body positivity during pregnancy

Global maternal health expert, Wendy Powell has commented on the body positivity expressed by Katy Perry during her pregnancy. Katy Perry has recently been vocal in the media about her pregnancy experience, including finding a new appreciation and gratitude for her body.

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Wendy is a regular commentator on the mental and physical impact of pregnancy, postpartum body changes and pressures. She is very passionate about encouraging women to exercise body positivity having worked first hand with women who feel disconnected with their bodies post childbirth.

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She founded the leading medically recommended prenatal/postpartum support programme, MUTU System, working with over 68,000 women in more than 150 countries – previously including Kate Middleton and P!NK. MUTU System is referred to by specialist Pelvic Health Physical Therapists, Surgeons, NHS GP surgeries in the UK, Midwives and Hospital Women’s Health Physiotherapists. The programme was recently assessed and approved by NHS Digital to be included in their officially recommended apps library.

Katy Perry’s comments should give power to so many women. As mothers, whether that be expectant or newly postpartum, we face so many changes to our bodies – sometimes beyond recognition in the prenatal stage or immediate aftermath. Yet the pressures facing women to look a certain way or well-meaning urges from outsiders to ‘get over it’ can mean we often lose connectivity with our body. We see so many women who suffer the physiological and emotional disconnection from their body when they don’t like the way it looks, feels or works. They often struggle to see the beauty, strength and power in their post-baby bodies.

Whether it was recent or many years ago, and however it plays out, our births stay with us. Katy Perry’s comments on being grateful for her body is exactly the attitude we should embrace as women. Naturally there are a number of changes we experience but there are also proven ways to manage them. What is most important is that we learn to form a deeper relationship with the naturalness of our pregnancy and postnatal bodies, given that childbirth is one of the most naturally beautiful milestones of anyone’s life. More power to Katy Perry and the pregnant women out there!”

For more information on Wendy Powell, visit MUTU System.

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