Let’s meet: Oh Ma! Barcelona

1.Tell me a little background about your brand?

Few experiences in life have as much relevance and meaning for a woman than to be pregnant and give birth. It is impossible to know how much of this transcendence affects the woman herself , her partner and their immediate environment but we should be aware that this is an enormous change in our lives and the benefits it will bring us prepare to live it.

We want to accompany women in this wonderful way to an amazing life adventure starting with some obvious physical changes. Pay attention to new sensations , to your own wisdom, physical changes or emotions. It is a magical time to be transformed into life. It’s your dream, it’s your miracle.

Come into  the ohma! Barcelona world and start enjoying all this is happening. Motherhood is a significant change in life and we devote all our efforts and enthusiasm to make mums-to-be feel beautiful, comfortable and remain loyal to your look. We will support them in their maternity stage to make the way easier. Ohma team ! Barcelona – passion for your dream!


2. What makes it different and what would you say your USP is?

Young, cool, high qualities, colour trends, fashionable items… at the most competitive prices.


3.How is 2018 shaping up… what new products can we expect to see?

New summer collection is online already! This is amazing! Many styles have been sold out already. Coming Fall/Winter collection running up production now and we are very happy with the first results.


4. What are your favourites/hero best selling products?

Nursing dresses and tops are the best sellers. We create and develop almost 65% of the tops with nursing tech system (zippers, buttons, snap buttons, double layer… )


5. Can you share any other new news that would be interesting to our buyers?

We share our best wishes for 2018 for everyone!