Leia: new maternity wear brand

If you’re looking for maternity wear that is both gorgeous and sustainable – and best of all, handmade in the UK – then look no further than Leia.

Maternity wear can often be boring and unflattering – but that’s where Leia comes in. Beth, founder of the beautiful maternity wear brand, says the focus for Leia has always been to make ‘easy-to-wear, comfortable maternity tops that make new and soon-to-be mums feel confident and relaxed at such an important time in their lives.’

Each design has been made for the everyday – not just for breast-feeding mothers. The designs are universally flattering, with or without a bump, and were designed to be a piece of clothing you can always come back to.

Beth adds: ‘One of my favourite features from the current Ivy collection is the attachable muslin square. Whether you want a little privacy while breastfeeding, or just to protect your clothes from the inevitable – it means you can forget about it and get on with other things.’

Leia has been a dream for Beth for a while, and now that the brand finally exists, Beth finds it so exciting to see her stunning products in the flesh.

She’s also passionate about sustainability and the longevity of a piece of clothing – and this is, and always will be, a big factor for the brand.

Beth continues: ‘The main driving force and inspiration came when I had my two boys. I really lacked confidence with feeding in public. I wasn’t ever made to feel uncomfortable as such, but it’s something so personal to every mum, and for me I just wanted to feel discreet and not as vulnerable in some situations.

I also struggled to find items that made me feel more pulled together and tailored whilst also being comfortable to run around after two small children. Your time is no longer your own and I often wanted something that I could simply throw on and style easily when you don’t have time to labour over getting ready.

‘On top of this, like everyone I wanted to feel confident in myself, with my changing body and postpartum figure but with breastfeeding I couldn’t always find something that was practical and

‘From this, came the initial design of maternity clothes that don’t necessarily look or feel like
‘maternity’ clothes – and could easily be something I would have worn before pregnancy.

‘I didn’t want to lose my identity and style and think Leia is not just a maternity top but a solution to something.’

Beth hopes to expand her collection of maternity wear, and for it to be a must-have in every maternity bag. And it seems these hopes are actually coming true, with some items already quickly selling out.

Leia is changing the game for mums everywhere when it comes to feeling confident and care-free, whether breastfeeding, bump, or simply for comfortable and stylish wear.