Laura Slater, Eat Sleep Love

1. When did you start your brand?
The concept came together at the beginning of 2015 when my second son was still a tiny baby. We had struggled to get really good advice and demonstrations on a double pushchair  and thought that there must be a better way to shop than this.  We opened our doors and began taking appointment bookings at the beginning of November 2015. 

2. Who inspires you?
The creative and courageous women who are branching out and doing it for themselves. I meet so many women launching businesses and combining the needs of their families. It is important to share our stories, triumphs and failures to help us evolve and be cheerleaders for each other.

3. What’s your top business tip?
Put your heart into the ethos of the business when you write your business plan. If you don’t love it and believe in it then no-one else will. Stick with the philosophy inside the heart of the business as it will help you to stay true to your objectives and the emotional attachment that you have will be a force to drive it forward to success. 

4. Where’s your favourite place?
Anywhere that my husband and two boys are. Lying on the floor building train track seems to be our top hang out at the moment. 

5. What would be your ideal weekend?
Tea and croissants in bed with the weekend magazines, leafy London walks with the kids, and a full table with my favourite faces for a big roast dinner!