Alyse Webster, La La Beads

1.When did you start your brand?

La La Beads was started in September 2014, although it took a little while for it to go live.  At the beginning there was the challenge of creating the brand from scratch and actual product offering.  So much time was taken to get it just right. For the product range, we created bespoke colours and a bespoke clasp, as well as about a million different designs before deciding on the best. The branding has taken just as long, but it’s the essence of La La Beads and worth taking the time to get right.


2.Who inspires you?

Oh god. Anyone that is organised! ha ha ha. My mind is a chaotic place, so I am inspired by the list makers, the obsessive compulsive and the neat and tidy.  I am also inspired by the creators – who can’t help but build, design, draw, to create beauty around them.  By the fearless, everday warrior mums that raise the generation that will look after us all.


3.What’s your top business tip?

Resilience. The climb to the top is one day at a time, one boring task after another all with the big picture goal in mind. It’s something my husband reminds me of, as he’s an entrepreneur as well!


4.Where’s your favourite place?

My bed. Hands down.


5.What would be your ideal weekend?

We’d leave the boy with the grandparents for the weekend (we are pretty sure he likes them more anyway)  and take off to the countryside for the weekend – just the hubby and I.   Friday night would be a bottle of the most brioche-y champagne money could buy with a view of the sunset and a quiet, boozy dinner.   Saturday morning would probably be spent trying to lie in, but waking at 7 anyway and getting annoyed about it. We’d go out for the day, the two of us to see the sights – have a walk stop and have leisurely lunch at an un-child friendly venue, followed by a massage in the afternoon and a snooze before dinner.  Maybe the lie in will happen on Sunday?  If not, we’d spend the morning using the pool, the steam room – maybe a yoga class.  Brunch…then back to London. We’d miss the boy by then and want to hold his gorgeous little body in our arms.