Keri Jamieson, Kerikit

1.When did you start your brand?

We officially launched in 2014, but it was an idea swilling in the back of my mind for years before then!

2. Who inspires you?

Jenny Scott, the woman behind Mothers Meetings. She wants to help women in business succeed and she’s always there with words of positivity when I need it! She provides a great support network of real working mothers and we all help each other which I think is really important in business.


3.What’s your top business tip?

Marry rich!! Seriously, if you’re starting your own business then definitely bear in mind that it’s probably going to cost you at least double what you expect. Oh and have a good childcare network because there is nothing worse than feeling like you’re doing a rubbish job of both – the work-life balance is key. And most importantly be kind to yourself and be patient!

4. Where’s your favourite place?

The Maldives – it was the last family holiday we went on before my dad died, so its not just because its paradise on earth but because I have a lot of fond memories there too.

5. What would be your ideal weekend?

A romantic meal with my husband on Friday night, then maybe a camping trip with the kids. Snuggling round the camp fire and toasting marshmallows seems amazing in my head but then I’ve never actually taken the kids camping so I could regret this one!