Katie & Sarah, MUSH

1) When did you start your brand/business?

Mush was a tea-time idea that came to us about three years ago. Sarah and I had met in a playground with two kids under the age of 2 between us, and had experienced a pretty awkward set of ‘hellos’ before one of us plucked up the courage to organise a play date. Therein blossomed the lifeline of a friendship, and it occurred to us that mums shouldn’t have to rely on haphazard meetings for those most important of connections. So we started on the journey to build Mush, a local social network for mums, which was launched in April 2016.

2) Who inspires you?

We inspire each other, if that’s not too cheesy. I have a huge amount of respect for people who set up businesses by themselves, because we couldn’t have done it alone. We egged each other on to get stuff done and had fun doing it. It wasn’t daunting when there were two of us learning stuff together. And we don’t want to let each other down now! Getting inspiration from other businesses was key to us starting Mush, so we’ve teamed up with Plusnet for this year’s Plusnet Pioneers campaign which aims to help and inspire others looking to set up a new business.


3) What’s your top business tip?

  • Write lists
  • Try everything once
  • Don’t wait for perfection
  • Talk to your customers


4) Where’s your favourite place?

Anywhere with water. Rivers are ok, but the sea is better! Ideally in the sun, perhaps with a sun lounger and book. Hold on, can I go now?


5) What would be your ideal weekend?

In winter, a run with loud music, a kid’s activity whilst we stand around with a coffee, a long afternoon of games and a movie/popcorn evening and in summer, beach from dusk until dawn.


Credit: Sarah and Katie are ambassadors for this years’ Plusnet Pioneers campaign, an advice and support programme aimed at helping startup business owners as they build and grow their companies.