Hotmilk: Goddess of Nature

Hotmilk’s new Goddess of Nature collection showcases the power of women and natural beauty. “We were committed to setting a scene that allows mothers to embrace the power of motherhood” says Hotmilk’s director, Lisa Ebbing. “We used hundreds of natural faunas and grandeur suites to create the backdrop to our photoshoot, which showcases the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Mothers are a force of nature but foremost, they are a Goddess that is strong, regal and sensual. The Goddess of Nature collection is Mother Nature at her best.”

Hotmilk is proud to introduce three new styles that will complement existing styles to the 2-17 collection. Obsession is their new flexi-wired, spacer foam bra that is sized up to a J cup and a style that has been demanded by their customers.

Captivation is a wire-free, low plunge, moulded bra complemented with a sophisticated black lace and unique bra-back detailing.  Temptation is exactly as the name says. The ultimate lace bra with a sexy lace racer back will tempt every new mother.



Ongoing favourites, Show Off and Forever Yours are both coloured up in fashionable yet staple colourings to ensure something for every goddess out there. Light ethereal fabrics, laces and colours are blended with opposing bold, contemporary and moody styling.


A goddess should be showered in all things that glitter and shine. The 2-17 colour inspirations have evolved from majestic jewels; mandarin garnet, deep sapphire blue, and the natural gem colours of onyx combine beautifully with rose and smokey Quartz to create a natural world of complex beauty.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.”

— Aristotle