Griet Vanhees, Mum of the World Maternity

This month I talked to Belgian celebrity and mumblogger, Griet Vanhees who is the founder and designer of  her own maternity brand, Mum of the World Maternity.


1)  Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Griet Vanhees and I’m a mum of two boys and a girl. I worked as a model and fashion is a part of my life. I love animals, my family, travelling and cars.


2)  About your family?

I have a son of 16 a plus daughter of 14 and a mini son of 4 with my husband who I’ve been married to for 6 years.  We live between Belgium & Miami.



3) What gave you the idea for your brand?

I have a mum blog for mums who love being a mother but also love their lives.  I share my experience and ideas on my blog.  I also do stylings and when I was pregnant I was always asked the question where to buy fashion clothes for mums.  That’s where my idea started and my embryo business was on the move.


4) How would you describe your brand?

Mum of the world is a brand for fashion mums who love life & fashion.



5)  What makes your brand different from other maternity brands?

The idea is that even when you’re not pregnant you can still wear it.  I also wear my collection and I’m not pregnant! It’s fashion with details that you would see in daily fashion wear.


6)  Do you follow fashion trends for colours and prints? Of course and I also try to put my own experience of travelling into my designs. I love basic colours but also a print that gives a personal touch of my feelings.

7)  What would you say are your best selling items?

The Laura dress this summer in Leopard and black.  Also my Hanne Coat is a winner in your wardrobe.

8)  Why do they sell so well? Maybe because it’s different but also the quality and price are nice so I think it’s a combination.


9)  Where is your brand currently stocked?

I’m based in Belgium and I have over 17 shops in Belgium who buy my collection.

10)   What are your plans for the next season?

Next season it’s all about details.  Some touch of gold & silver and also velvet.  I sold very well for next season.  I’m now designing SS18 already …