For spring 2020, the Chari-Tee from Boob is back in a new, updated version. With smart functions and the mirrored print, “Damn you’re a good mother,” it is a statement T-shirt that works for women in all walks of life. This season, 10% of the total profits will go to Kvinna till Kvinna, a non-profit organization that works for women’s rights in 20 countries around the world.

The Chari-Tee from Boob is designed to work for women everywhere. Made with room for growing pregnant bellies and with a smart nursing function hidden under the front, it also offers a daily pep talk with the mirrored print, “Damn, you’re a good mother!” A full 10% of every tee sold will go to Kvinna till Kvinna, an organization that has worked for women’s rights worldwide for 25 years. Today, Kvinna till Kvinna is one of the world’s leading women’s rights organizations with 100 partner organizations located in areas affected by war and conflict. Kvinna till Kvinna works to strengthen women’s influence and power, put an end to violence against women, and create conditions that will enable women to take power over their own lives.

“In 2020, Boob will celebrate 20 years of making women’s lives easier. We are proud to start the year with this cooperation with Kvinna till Kvinna and be able to help shed light on their important work for women’s rights. Supporting women is a way to contribute to a sustainable future, which is completely in line with our mission at Boob,” says Mia Seipel, Boob’s CEO and Creative Director.

“Women’s rights need to be defended, everywhere and every day. We live in a world where every third woman is subjected to violence or abuse at some point in her lifetime. Twelve million girls are given away in child marriage each year. And in 15 countries, men are allowed to prevent their wives from working outside the home. This is totally unacceptable, and the reason Kvinna till Kvinna exists. We work every day to strengthen women’s rights, and we applaud Boob’s initiative to highlight the issue and engage their customers. Together, we will come one step closer to our vision of an equal world in which all women have power over their own lives,” says Petra Tötterman Andorff, the Secretary General of Kvinna till Kvinna.

Available sizes: XS-XL
Material: 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
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