Cat Gazzoli, Piccolo Baby Food

1. When did you start your brand?

After having my daughter Juliet, 4 years ago, I realised there was a real gap in the market for a delicious and healthy organic baby food company that also had its roots in ethical business and food education

I launched Piccolo in 2016, and we have gone from strength to strength in the two years – we are the UKs fastest growing baby food brand in the UK whilst committing to our social enterprise and charitable roots.

2) Who inspires you?

I was really inspired by Craig Sams, Founder of Green & Blacks.  He showed me that business success and social purpose could go hand in hand.  When I launched Piccolo, I made sure giving back was at the heart of everything we do.

As well as that, I have found huge inspiration and support from other female entrepreneurs and businesswomen.  It is really important to me that we all back and encourage each other, and so I have made sure my circle of investors includes 4 incredible women, who have been absolutely instrumental in supporting me and sharing their wisdom, including Prue Leith, the food doyenne.

One of the best things of building something from scratch is the generosity and help people are willing to give who had done it before.  Having someone who cares about you, knows your strengths and weakness and can help you along on a new career pathway is paramount when building a new venture.


3) What’s your top business tip?

Planning and preparation are important, but you’ve also got to get started: you’ll never get anywhere unless you actually get cracking!


 4) Where’s your favourite place?

My favourite place is Friuli, a city tucked away in far north-east of Italy. It is my family home and where I most enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, eating great food and getting back in to the Mediterranean approach to life.


5) What would be your ideal weekend?

It would definitely be around the table with friends and family. My 4 year old daughter Juliet loves cooking traditional Italian dishes with her Nonna, and her personal favourite is making Gnocchi de Zucca con burro e salvia (gnocchi with pumpkin). It’s great to head out of London and get back to my Italian family with delicious food grown in our garden and people of all ages crammed round the table eating together and sharing stories.