Maternity Activewear New Zealand giants Cadenshae are revelling in the fact their newest nursing bra has flown off the shelves since launching in January. The e-commerce business specializes in activewear for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, and boasts a large range of on-trend functional clothing enabling mums to look and feel their best. The ‘Luxe’ bra has been specially designed by Founder and Owner Nikki Clarke, for women with a small back and H-J cup size breasts.

Nikki says there was nothing in the market for women of this stature:


“It’s the plus size nursing bra many mums gave up searching for because no one was making it,” says Clarke. “When you’re feeding, your breasts often get larger, but your band size may not. The challenge comes when mums need to find a bra that has cups large enough to hold their breasts without being too big around the back.”

“This bra has answered the wishes of mums around the world, and serves a market that the fashion world has forgotten about. Just because a woman has given birth, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need supportive, comfortable bras and clothes.”


Clarke was inspired after receiving hundreds of emails from customers pleading for a plus size nursing bra. Co-Founder and Owner Adam Clarke says the response has been phenomenal.

“Since launching, we have had women calling us and crying in thanks for making the ‘Luxe.’ It’s been able to help women with larger busts exercise more freely and feel extremely supported and comfortable while doing so.”

Mr Clarke says there were no concerns around making a product for what is perceived to be a niche market.

“This bra just had to be made. We knew this was what our customers needed, so we weren’t too worried about the sales side of things. Our aim is to help all mothers breastfeed with ease, whenever, doing whatever. It was a no-brainer to make this bra and actually, sales have been awesome.”

Nikki Clarke says Cadenshae takes feedback extremely seriously and she often uses customer requests as inspiration to design new product.

“We’ve made the ‘Luxe’ for our loyal customers, and now we’re onto patterned maternity leggings, as that’s what the people want! We’re also looking to make some shorts with a high waist band like the leggings in the near future, so watch this space.”