Cadenshae – Sorting out Mama’s Boobs since 2015

There’s no doubt we have many reasons to move, but sometimes, the only thing we lack—besides motivation—is the right activewear.  New Zealand based online company Cadenshae features colourful, stylish and discreet maternity activewear that allows expecting and nursing mums to feel confident and comfortable, all day, every day.

The Cadenshae philosophy is centred around thoughtful design and quality construction while offering fashion forward, comfortable and functional pieces motivated to make you move. Each of the designs merge sports-lux style with sophisticated technology while offering fashion forward and functional pieces to take you from the studio to the street.

The product carousel extends to high performance maternity leggings, an extensive selection of bras, tank tops, t-shirts, active-wear hoodies and sweatshirts that allow for easy breastfeeding. Each piece has been designed to suit high impact cardio to yoga, or simply lounging around the house.

Breathe a sigh of relief as this is an underwire free zone! Available in A-J, each nursing bra provides different levels of support and various bra back options to cater for individual preferences. Co-Founder Nikki Clarke says,

“When you’re feeding, your breasts often get larger, but your band size may not. The challenge comes when mums need to find a bra that has cups large enough to hold their breasts without being too big around the back.”

The collection allows you to be active all day, every day and gives you the flexibility to feed in unpredictable places. The combination of ‘Everyday bra’ and ‘Loose Fit tank’ mean women can continue to work at their desks and pump as well as disguise under ready-to-wear clothing.

Cadenshae is the brainchild of Personal Trainers and parents to four children, Adam and Nikki. After the birth of their first daughter Caden in 2013, Nikki couldn’t find suitable clothes to wear to work and suitable for breastfeeding.

Maintaining an active lifestyle and feeling stylish was important to both Adam and Nikki, and so they set out to launch Cadenshae just days after the birth of their second daughter, Ryan. Alas, the brand name is a hybrid of Caden’s first and second name, Shae.

“We’ve made things that cover all of the different activities mums would be doing,” Nikki says. “Mums want to be comfortable; they want to be able to breastfeed easily, and they want to look and feel good.”

Cadenshae has quickly become synonymous with quality and thoughtful design, beloved both locally and abroad and seen on some of the world’s most influential figures.