Bravado Designs commits to sustainable steps for mothers and Mother Earth

Iconic lingerie brand, Bravado Designs, is proud to unveil the steps they are taking to ensure their much loved products are becoming even more sustainable. The brand’s commitment to a better future covers everything from the yarn used, the thoughtful design made to stand the test of time and the packaging a product arrives in. Bravado is truly creating a product that is kind for Mums and kind for Mother Nature, too.

Starting this autumn, all core nursing lingerie and new lines will be made with sustainable fabrics and by the end of 2022 the brand’s entire portfolio, including their brand new Everyday collection, will have fully transitioned to sustainable yarns.  A monumental development for the multi-award-winning brand providing unrivalled comfort and support to millions of women around the world.

Understanding the importance of its environmental footprint, Bravado’s approach to sustainability is anchored by four clearly defined platforms.  

  1. Sustainably Sourced: As much as possible, they are using sustainable materials in their garments and packaging.
  2. Ethically Manufactured: They only work with factory partners and suppliers that share their respect for their employees and the environment.
  3. Made To Last: They continue to make high quality products that are designed to fit and made to last so they don’t end up in landfills.
  4. Reduced Carbon Footprint: They are working to minimize the use of CO2 across their entire business and form a better understanding of how to make their processes more efficient.

To learn more, please visit the brand’s Social Responsibility page here –

All of these exemplary steps are being taken whilst never sacrificing on the level of comfort, fit and support that women all over the world have come to rely on.

Considerate changes have been put in place throughout the manufacturing process. Where possible, virgin nylon will be replaced with recycled nylon without any compromise to the performance or comfort of the bras that so many women depend on during the most important times of their lives. Alongside this, the brand is also using organic cotton to eliminate the use of dangerous pesticides, a fibre that is both friendlier to the planet and environment around us. It is also better for the farmers’ lives and enables them to grow other crops for food and income, and because it uses less water, choosing organic cotton will help to preserve a precious resource for the future. 

The brand’s commitment will see both the product and packaging be responsibly sourced. All sustainable styles will be delivered in recyclable boxes, or polybags that are made from 100% recycled plastic. Not only that, printing will be carried out on FSC® certified paper and with water-based ink that is free from harsh toxins and is ultimately kinder to our environment.

Bravado’s full core range, including signature styles like the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, the Original Nursing Bra Full and Extended Cup options, the Original Pumping and Nursing Bra, and the Clip and Pump™ will all get an ethical boost, as well as the brand’s new panties.

Bravado continues to set the precedent for lingerie that not only fits impeccably, but now is also made with sustainability at its heart – providing comfort with a conscience. 

Bravado Designs Senior Marketing Director Jennifer Sparks, commented:

This has been a significant undertaking for our brand and we are delighted to be able to set out our brands commitment towards ensuring we are moving towards a more sustainable offering, without ever compromising on the performance or comfort of our products.