BellaMoon NEW 7-in-1 maternity and nursing product

After more than 2 years in development, BellaMoon, an award-winning baby breastfeeding product has launched with a Crowdfunding Campaign to help finance it to bring it to market. First time mother, Irene Breen, identified a need to provide more comfort and support to breastfeeding mothers after her own experience following the birth of her daughter, Bella.


BellaMoon is a unique multi-functional breastfeeding bed, which is designed around the universal side-lying feeding position. It is designed to provide more comfort and rest to mothers, who are breastfeeding their babies on demand.  Aside from a breastfeeding bed, there are 7 different functions to BellaMoon, all of which support a mother’s journey right through from pregnancy until the baby is one years old. These include a breastfeeding day bed, breastfeeding baby-pod, an infant feeding pillow, a tummy-time pillow, a baby lounger, a breast-feeding cover for when feeding in public and finally, a pregnancy pillow for use before baby arrives.


Speaking of why she designed BellaMoon, Irene reflected on her own experience with her daughter;

“My daughter Bella was typical of many breastfed babies as she fed on demand every 2 hours or so throughout the day and night. I was completely exhausted. In order to manage my exhaustion, yet to continue to nurture Bella, I practised feeding her in the universal lateral side-feeding position – which is practised by millions of mothers around the world. The benefits of using this position in promoting babies physiological and mental development are enormous. However, despite the benefits, after prolonged feeding, I found that this position would give rise to pain in my neck, shoulders, back and hips.  Also, my husband felt anxious when Bella was feeding in our bed.  So, in order to address these problems, I created BellaMoon.”

BellaMoon has gone through independent user testing at a UK University Sleep lab, led by an international co-sleeping expert. Speaking of the independent testing, Irene said;

“Nothing could have prepared me for the incredible feelings of love I had for Bella, so when I started to design BellaMoon, I knew I would not rest until it was tested and re-tested to ensure I was 100% happy with what was being launched.”

A recent Queen’s University MBA graduate, Irene won the National Santander Universities Entrepreneurship competition in October last year, seeing off competition from over 2,000 entries from throughout the UK.  She also won the ‘Best Emerging Business’ at the Enterprise Ireland Student Entrepreneur Awards.  The design of BellaMoon is patent pending and is protected by international Trademarks and Design Registration.


Of this next important phase Ms Breen said;

“The crowd-funding campaign is the next step towards the global launch of BellaMoon. It helps give market validation and credibility to my idea, as well as much needed investment so I can take BellaMoon to the next level.  I am very excited to finally reveal BellaMoon to the world, and I hope that people and retailers are interested in backing my campaign to get the first BellaMoons in the world at a huge discount.”