BabyBjörn SS18 BABY POWER collection

Introducing BabyBjörn’s new Spring/Summer 2018 range; Baby Power. A beautiful collection featuring the new BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One/One Air and BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss in colours and designs inspired by babies themselves.

This season, the new collection from BabyBjörn is all about Baby Power, a seriously playful range of the bestselling Baby Carrier One and Bouncer Bliss, in eye-catching colours and prints.

The journey of parenthood is one of emotion and the new Baby Power collection embodies the humour which goes alongside the rollercoaster. With these dynamic colours and whimsical prints BabyBjörn is encouraging all parents to laugh along with the ups and downs whilst keeping their baby where they are happiest.

BabyBjörn Designer, Karin, talks about her inspiration for the range:

We are inspired by babies and we always focus on babies needs. They are cute, tiny and soft but they rule your life 24/7! This collection together with all the babies in this campaign communicate how it is being a parent, and a baby. We call it real Baby Power!”

BabyBjörn’s aim has always been to design products to make parent’s everyday lives easier and more fun. With the new Baby Power Collection, BabyBjörn is putting baby in the driving seat, with eye-catching, happy, friendly colours and prints.

The BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss is an updated version of the first  classic BabyBjörn product originally launched in 1961. The design has been enhanced and helps parents in the same way it always has, by being purely powered by baby power, no batteries or cords needed.

Available from mid April 2018.