BabyBjörn Host Global Babywearing Conference

Last month BabyBjörn, the family-owned Swedish company with a strong commitment and passion for bonding and carrying of babies, hosted a conference for international babywearing experts. It included seminars and workshops, presentations around trends and development within the global babywearing community with talks from Joanna McNeilly, founder of Center for Babywearing Studies in New York, Director of BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance) and Arie Brentnall-Compton Owner, Canadian Babywearing School, Director of BCIA.

The day welcomed open discussions with all guests participating, as well as facilitating learning sessions about the different aspects of the industry, all with one key focus; ‘how can we all help more families experience the benefits of carrying their babies?’

“Our philosophy and product development process is based on constant renewal. Every day we ask ourselves, and mums and dads around the world, “What can we do better? We have found that we share the same beliefs around bonding and carrying babies, as the baby wearing experts do. We also want parents to discover the fantastic feeling of holding their newborn close, feeling the security and bond that that special connection gives them”. Björn Engström, Vice President

BabyBjörn, made the first BabyBjörn baby carrier in 1970 but since then a lot has changed, parents are experiencing the joy of baby carrying for much longer and sling libraries have been born across the world, BabyBjörn has launched many new ergonomic baby carriers, including the We and One Carriers which can be worn until the child is three years old and are approved as “Hip-Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Kerry Ellis, who attended the conference from UK Sling Library company, Close Enough to Kiss, wrote:

The willingness to learn from others, to collaborate and achieve better reach to more parents is why most people get into babywearing education…we want to show as many people as we can what we have felt. The closeness. The love. The bonding. This is BabyBjorn’s wish too. I feel BabyBjörn are playing a leading role in empowering everyone to be the best they can be.

BabyBjörn believes that the experience and dedication as babywearing experts have, is vital for insightful discussions, enabling the company and community to support more families.