Amanda Ling -TEN skincare

1.When did you start your brand? -TEN- started three years ago, shortly after my little girl Juliette was born.

2. Who inspires you? My mother for her resilience in life, my daughter for her innocence, my Board for their support and strength, many of my peers in the business world for their entrepreneurship and drive, however if there was a name known to us all it would have to be Richard Branson for battling many and succeeding!

3. What’s your top business tip? Be tenacious and agile. What I mean by this is that it does not always go to plan, in fact rarely, be prepared to adapt your business model, and be very determined. Doors will not always open quickly, but eventually they do.

4. Where’s your favourite place? Venice! So much history, art, great food, it is simply stunning.

5. What would be your ideal weekend? A weekend at home with all my family around a table having some lunch alfresco, on a sunny day, kids playing in the garden and great conversations around the table. Chill and chat!