Alison McEvoy, AAMcEvoy Kidswear

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1.When did you start your brand? The idea for a childrenswear brand emerged when I was pregnant with my now almost 2year old, Annie, who is also my model! AAMcEvoy Kidswear launched in January 2017 at the premium kidswear tradeshow, Bubble London.


2.Who inspires you? Annie, my daughter. Every part of my life has changed for the better since I had her! She made me a mammy and a childrenswear designer.


3.What’s your top business tip?Go with your gut instinct!

4.Where’s your favourite place? I could say anywhere with free wifi and great coffee! But to be precise New York Cafe in Budapest. Eating more than one dessert and lots of coffee! And maybe even a Mojito!

5.What would be your ideal weekend? A lie-in would be amazing and two mornings in a row would be even better! And maybe even no cooking/cleaning/nappies/washing up!


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