Akin Onal, MORI

1) When did you start your brand?

MORI is a luxury baby clothing brand, that grew from a passion to create the softest and safest baby essentials, that were sustainably sourced. As a devoted Uncle, I noticed a gap in the market for an online-first baby brand that used fabric that is truly suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin and  special enough to gift. Founded in 2015, our brand today boasts nearly 20,000 customers in over 50 countries. At MORI we believe in providing families with innovative and high quality clothing, to help babies sleep soundly and comfortably. Myself and my dedicated team have built a brand to be proud of which is reflected in our high level of customer engagement.


2) Who inspires you?

The biggest inspiration behind MORI was my nieces and godson. I was trying to find something that felt luxury enough to give as a gift, but was actually useful and considered the manufacturing process. Other inspiration also came from Aesop’s focus on quality and essentials; they understood the need for fine quality skin products that were made sustainably. All the whilst creating products that have a minimal yet distinctive design, something we took for inspiration when crafting our clothing.


3) What’s your top business tip?

Keep testing: Continuously test ideas at a rapid pace – there is so much to learn from the outcomes of those tests. Measure every test you try, and make decisions based on what you have learnt. Don’t invest time, money or resources before you have tested. Most importantly, don’t give up!


4) Where’s your favourite place?

The place that completely took my breath away was Milford Sound in New Zealand. The nature there is breath taking, and driving around the Sound was magical. There was one point during our drive that we stopped on the side of the road when we saw a large rock that had tons of mini waterfalls. Whilst we were taking in the view and appreciating the beauty, a cockatoo landed on the roof of our car out of nowhere and made the moment even more amazing. Afterwards we drove to the coast, and took a boat ride out into the depths of the ocean, and were chased by both dolphins and seals throughout the duration of the trip.

When thinking about captivating landscape, the Northern Highlands in the UK are stunning and actually very similar to New Zealand in many ways. Driving through Inverness and along the NC500 was another experience that will stay with me forever.


5) What would be your ideal weekend?

I’m often asked what would be my ideal weekend, especially as I love to travel so much. There are three components to my ideal weekend, which are: gym, wine and friends. In order to achieve the perfect combination for the weekend in London, I love to indulge in all three of those things at the Soho Farmhouse.