Secret Saviours

Innovative smart clothing, Secret Saviours stretch mark support system features a unique patented underwear bump band, and Day Gel and Night Cream, clinically proven* to prevent stretchmarks in 70% of women.Developed by UK vascular surgeon Mr Stephen Barker, the Secret Saviours System features a support band with soft bubble-like pads to support the skin, spread strain and dissipate points of stress that could turn into stretch marks.  It’s like bubble wrapping the bump, but with solid science behind it.

pack pink band

The band also provides under bump and lower back support with an aromatherapy Day Gel, applied to the skin before wearing the band to give the pads a firm grip on the skin.  A night time cream is applied to moisturise throughout the night. Both the Day Gel and Night Cream contain active ingredients clinically proven to deeply moisturise skin.