Etta Loves – sensory muslins

Etta Loves is a sensory muslin brand developed by Jen Fuller. Etta Loves muslins are not only practical, super-soft, absorbent 100% cotton, but have been designed with input from an early years visual expert, to stimulate babies’ visual and cognitive development from 0-4 months and 5+ months.

Having recognised that the muslin is one of the most common things in a baby’s eyeline, founder Jen Fuller saw an opportunity to stimulate tiny eyes and help develop vision;“Sat on my sofa with a heap of mucky muslins by my side, I realised that 4-week old little Etta was staring at my top. It was the first thing I’d noticed her actively trying to focus on and unsurprisingly it was a simple black and white pattern.”

Jen has discovered that tiny eyes develop so much in the first 5 months that it was necessary for her to develop a separate range for 5 month+ babies with small adjustments made to the patterns. For older babies, Etta Loves introduces specific colours into the range designed to stimulate babies vision as their ability to decipher colours begins to grow. Her first collection – Animals – is available now via RRP £19.95-£22.95.